Grants Management Consultant

Georgie is a rare and valuable grants management consultant. A proven grants management expert, a transformational business process architect and a SmartyGrants specialist.

Grants Management Evaluation

An expert grants management evaluation delivers processes and procedures improvements that ultimately protecting against risk ensuring strong governance is in place.

SmartyGrants System Design

Grant Administrators expect an easy to use and intuitive system. Georgie delivers this outcome by offering an enhanced SmartyGrants System Design and Implementation.

SmartyGrants Implementation

Government Departmental Secretaries, Heads of Organisations, Grant Program Mangers, and grantmakers expect a hassle free implementation of their grants management system. Georgie makes this happen.

Fine Tune SmartyGrants System

Getting a seasoned expert to make small adjustments to SmartyGrants exponentially increases your overall grantmaking performance.

Grants Management Training

Continuing to train and develop your staff, the people who are the key asset in driving your organisation forward brings benefits; using your latest technology to its full potential, staff become more effective - staff that know more bring more.

Georgie Bailey