Organisations that engage Georgie to fine tune SmartyGrants get the highest level of performance and benefits from their investment, in both time and money

How often are you taking your Grant Management System for a tune up? 


Your grant management system is the engine room of your grantmaking. It needs regular care to keep it running smoothly and to make sure it doesn’t breakdown. Checking your data is clean and your reports are working. Checking that any new additions since your first set up merge seamlessly with your core set up. SmartyGrants is constantly evolving with new features and improvements. Are you evolving your practice to incorporate new timesaving features?


The perfect time to get Georgie to take a look under your hood, is before your program runs into a ditch. So listen to the rumble strips.


If one of your favourite reports stops working. If you are about to bring a new program on board. If staff have stopped using (or not yet used) part of the system. A tune up could be in order. 


Georgie’s tune up will solve your problems and hone your system performance to make sure you are getting the most out of it. She will also leave you with an easy system maintenance guide to help you stay on track.

Georgie Bailey