Why bother with Advanced Grants Management Training and Development?

For mutually beneficial relationships to work, it needs to cut both ways. Continuing to train and develop the people you work with, the people who are your best asset in driving your organisation forward brings benefits; by using the latest technology you’ve invested in to its full potential, your people become more effective, people that know more bring more. It’s good for you too. 


As part of your SmartyGrants Subscription the Service and Training team offer comprehensive training. It is vital but generic training focused on how to use the system, how to use the form editor, the report builder and system settings. This training is fantastic for users setting up your system.


Once your system is ready to be rolled out Georgie can empower your program teams to hit the ground running by designing and delivering tailored training programs that contextualise the use of the system by focusing on your program, your guidelines, your policies and procedures.


Supporting your team to use the system consistently ensures data integrity and avoids costly errors or omissions in your audit trail that could leave you exposed.


Georgie also offers a range of advanced grants training and development for grant professionals. Better practice grant administration and governance; contract management training; grant program design training. 

Georgie Bailey