Georgie Bailey, Paris April 2015

Georgie Bailey (née Booker): A Legacy of Passion, Resilience, and Inspiration 1968 – 2022

Survivor, Artist, Adventurer, Writer, Cook, Mother, Lover, a Rare Disease Fighter and an unparalleled Grants Management Consultant.

“A journey defined not just by challenges, but by a relentless spirit, indomitable will, and the touch of artistry in everything she undertook.”

George’s rare disease didn’t just define a battle; it was a testament to her resilience, a fight she approached with the same courage and grace that she brought to every aspect of her life.

As we move forward, this space is dedicated to celebrating the essence of Georgie – the love, the strength, and the legacy she leaves behind.


“A very profound and moving story by a brave and courageous woman in her biggest battle yet, the fight for her life”

Rare disease fighter

Rare disease – A fight for your life

Georgie Bailey