The performance of SmartyGrants can vary by how expertly it is implemented.

Ensure you’re able to achieve your desired grantmaking outcomes and improvements from day one, by working with an experienced SmartyGrants implementation specialist that knows their stuff. From start to finish, Georgie offers a collaborative and easy SmartyGrants implementation process that sets your organisation up for better grantmaking. 


The fundamental concept of SmartyGrants is simple. Data comes in via online forms and out via reports. It is designed to be a self service product with an intuitive online form editor and report builder. However, optimal functionality and performance is achieved with structured planning and mastery in the art of form design.


Georgie uses form design to capture information in a way that can harness the power of automation for next steps, optimising your SmartyGrants performance. You can use your time better. Make sure you are using the system to its full advantage.  Make applying for and reporting grants simpler and clearer for your applicants. Simplify administration for your staff. Easily create a clear audit trail. 

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