Connection despite distance

Melody Gardot From Paris With Love
Photo: Verve/Decca

Melody Gardot Invited Musicians Around The World To Join Her Global Digital Orchestra For Her Song “From Paris With Love” To Benefit Healthcare Workers


“I want to contribute something unique to this new movement of ‘connection despite distance’. During this complicated time, we miss essential connections with one other. We miss hugs, we miss our family, our friends……in short we miss love. So I want to make a love project to help break the feeling of isolation between us.”

In times of great difficulty, art will always break through. Created in isolation, made with love, this project is a reflection of the strength of the human spirit. My most heartfelt thanks to the vast array of musicians and people currently confined all around the world, who made this project possible.


Together with Decca Records, all proceeds from the royalties of this song have been donated to a COVID charity organization to help healthcare workers during this time of unprecedented crisis.


Via Melody Garnot Website Link (here)

Georgie Bailey