Achieve dramatic grant life cycle improvements through grant administration process re-engineering

Georgie can help process re-engineer your core organisational and grantmaking processes to achieve dramatic improvements in your organisations productivity and efficiency. 


Many grant organisations looking move to an online solution first time,  start the planning conversation with “Can I replicate my paper heavy, labour intensive process that I have been using for the last twenty years?” The opportunity of change balances precariously against the fear of change. How do you move fixed positions from “But we have always done it that way”? By creating the change together, for the better.


Georgie’s unique and effective way of working creates innovative solutions that are practical, realistic and holistic across an organisation. She looks toward opportunity while anticipating risk. She focuses on what matters to you. Being intimately aware of the barriers to change, her inclusive co-design approach makes sure your people are onboard for the journey from the very beginning.


Working collaboratively alongside your teams, she builds capability for a sustainable future as she gives them a pathway to more than they thought was possible. Re – engineering processes to take full advantage of every possibilty, she reduces three months work into three weeks, keeps the simple things simple, makes the hard stuff easy and better practice grant administration obvious and easy to achieve.


Most importantly she finds every opportunity to create advantage and drives change that sticks.

Georgie Bailey