Administration of a grant program can be time consuming and labour intensive with peaks that require more resources than an organisation would normally need.

We offer a comprehensive range of grants administration services enabling clients to outsource some or all of the administrative burden of administering their grant program. 

Some organisations deal with grant process peaks by rallying resources from across their organisation to assist. Dragging staff away from their business as usual work not only means that work is not being done. It can also expose an organisation to risk if the people called upon, are not experienced in managing grants. 

Outsourcing the administration tasks to experienced grant professionals ensures efficiency as well as giving you full confidence in robust and transparent grant management processes and procedures. 

Geoffrey works with you to design a package where you choose which parts of the grant process you would like additional resources for and which parts you will do in house.  Services we provide include:

Managing Application Process

Once your grant round is open for applications we can manage all applicant enquiry including a central enquiry mailbox. Our experienced grants officers can assist applicants with any queries, guide them and  provide any trouble shooting assistance with an online application.  

Undertaking Eligibility Checks

Skilled grants assessors can undertake eligibility and completeness checks as the first step in you grants assessment process. In accordance with your grant guidelines we can issue notifications of ineligibility or clarifying eligibility points if necessary.  We preparing an eligibility Summary report to inform you and seek endorsement and action any feedback or direction from you. 
Managing Assessment Process
Our assessment team can undertake the full assessment of applications against your program guidelines. Our better practice approach is to have a minimum of three assessors assess each application. We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process including running a quality assurance process over all assessments. We can prepare a final recommendations brief for approval by your nominated decision maker.  

Managing successful grants


Once you have decided who to fund we can do the rest. We can produce grant agreements using your grant agreement template and manage the execution process.

Reporting back on the grant project and confirming that grant funding was spent on what was approved, is the final stage of administering a grant. Issuing, receiving, and assessing of grant reports (progress or final) can be time consuming. Identifying discrepancies and then managing arising issues requires sound judgment and strong negotiation and relationship management skills. 
Giving large sums of money to individuals or organisations always comes with some risk of misappropriation whether due to accidental or deliberate mismanagement of the grant funding.  Examples might range from small discrepancies through to outright fraud.  Geoffrey personally oversees any identified significant issues. Geoffrey has managed funding pools in the order of millions dollars including dealing with significant grant fraud issues.

Program Reporting 

When we manage your full grant process we can provide you with a full report at the end of the final reporting period that gives you an overview of your investment. Including an investment breakdown, beneficiaries and outcomes. Also a program review including learnings, what worked as expected, what didn’t and recommendations for future iterations of the program.
Georgie Bailey