When you fully optimise SmartyGrants using a skilled professional like Georgie Bailey, it will dramatically improve the efficiency, transparency and compliance of your organisations grant making.

SmartyGrants is much more than a record keeping tool for your grants. It’s a powerful business solution that makes it easy to manage your grant making process and collect a wealth of information about your grants along the way.


Optimising is all about using the system to its full advantage. It’s about reducing effort, finding simplicity without loss of defensibility. Being able to delight your grantseekers and grants officers with a pleasurable but effective experience. Reducing red tape while enhancing the ability to measure success.


Optimising your approach will let you use your time better. Allow you to do more with less. Enable you to interrogate your data to deliver insights. Automate elements of your process. Generate grant agreements and variation deeds from the system. Let the system remind your grant recipients that their reports are due and tell you when they arrive. Save hours wading through annual reports and financial statements trying to find your grant money.


Georgie’s system design approach uses every opportunity optimise how you work and how you use SmartyGrants.  

Georgie Bailey