Effortlessly handle the most complex grant requirements with an expert SmartyGrants Enterprise solution

A SmartyGrants Enterprise Solution – Organisation Wide Grants Management Solution by Georgie Bailey is about designing a practical, realistic and complete solution that brings improvement across your entire organisation.


Georgie understands that every grant program you run is distinctive, with particular objectives and requirements. At an enterprise level though, your organisation can still be one. Georgie specialises in finding the synergies across your organisation while highlighting the unique, to establish a framework to tell a rich and complete story of your organisations impact. She has worked with organisations to make the dream of  enterprise level reporting and analytics attainable. 


The story of dividing an organisation into areas of responsibility, resulting in a culture of program teams working in relative isolation, is not an uncommon one. Operational silos where program areas each have different approaches to the same work, different and often incompatible ways of storing information and limited collaboration can result in efforts to coordinate central reporting being time consuming resource heavy. The repeated cleaning up of inconsistent data and trying to wrangle multiple sources of the same information that don’t line up, leaves managers nervous and senior executives questioning accuracy.


With an enterprise level SmartyGrants Management Solution Georgie eases this pain, simplifying and standardising a core reporting framework and data collection model. Georgie’s approach to dynamic business process design ensures your SmartyGrants implementation is versatile enough to meet the many permutations of your programs; is able to adapt and adjust to changing needs and creates a foundation for continual improvement.


Georgie designs processes that create fluid evolution, leading your organisation away from limiting processes, seeding improved processes and bringing the whole organisation along on the journey from the start. An enterprise solution means seamless technology that is easy for you and easy for the applicant.  Access to live data you can rely on, to gain insights on your investments. And importantly significantly increased efficiencies giving you back the most valuable commodity you have – time.

Georgie Bailey