Georgie Bailey 1968 - 2022


With heart-wrenching sadness and deep tenderness we want to let you know about our wonderful Georgie girl. Known by most as Georgie Bailey, by her partner in love and business Geoffrey as My Love, by her daughter Emily and son Alec as Mumma and Mum, by her father Lord Booker as my daughter, and by her brothers Adam and Murray as our big sister.

After years of fighting two rare diseases with every ounce of courage and searching for a Doctor to treat a constellation of symptoms that diminished her physicality day by day, The beautiful soul of our sweetheart Georgie – our partner, our daughter, our mum, our step-mum, our pet mum, our sister, our aunty, our cousin and all-round wonderful friend – left her physical body and peacefully transitioned back home early on Wednesday morning, 31 August 2022.

Love, Peace and Eternal Light, on behalf of one of the universe’s warmest and brightest lights. 

We’ll love you forever. Xoxo


Below are links to Georgie’s rare disease story, written by Georgie, last edit August 2022

Rare disease fighter

Rare disease – A fight for your life


Geoffrey is continuing to provide Grants Administration, Grants Assessment and Consultant Services. For enquires, please email [email protected]  For SmartyGrants enquires please email [email protected]

Voluptuous Saint Honore by Georgie - Paris 2015

Self portrait by Georgie Bailey, Paris May 2015

The Feeling of The Naked Truth by Georgie

“We enjoy our yummy meal in our apartment that evening, watching the Parisian night sky out our windows, sipping on lovely wine and flicking through the many charming books on the shelves. I lose myself in imagining living here, having a gorgeous little apartment with everything at my doorstep. I paint a little picture on my ipad to celebrate this apartment and to capture the feeling of the naked truth of being in it. Here in this apartment, here in Paris I feel pretty, soft, elegant, real, grounded like I belong. In some ways it is a confusing feeling, I have never before felt like I have belonged anywhere. On the other hand, there is simply a feeling of “of course” a knowing, a clarity of understanding after 40 odd years of not knowing.

I love our little place, I love everything about Paris, I am at once very settled and weirdly slightly unsettled about feeling settled….does that make sense? There is so much newness here but at the same time a deeply spiritual sense of being home. It is a feeling I cannot quite explain.”

~ Georgie

Georgie’s working life | Grants Management Consultant

Leading Grants Management Consultant and SmartyGrants Consultant, the Late Georgie Bailey was based in Canberra, Australia. Georgie worked with organisations that gave out grants or funding including: government bodies or statutory authorities (federal, state or local government) philanthropic or other grant-making organisations, and corporate bodies (that is, businesses). Georgie was the in-house consultant for SmartyGrants, an Our Community enterprise. 

Georgie used a refined process that brought people together to understand their business needs, to inform Improved Grantmaking and Business Processes. Combining those initial insights with years of successfully applied grant-making experience, along with a finely tuned SmartyGrants – Grants Management System reduced grant administration costs, saved time, limited risk, increased efficiency, reduced bottlenecks, improved effectiveness, raised transparency, and importantly delivered a defensible grants record, a robust audit trail.

For grant-makers that have their grant-making game all sorted, and just need a good Grants Management System, Georgie provided a specialised bespoke SmartyGrants Grants Management System build, implementation and deployment. As a previous SmartyGrants customer, Georgie knew how to set up and Fine Tune SmartyGrants so customers got the best out of it, and had a tailored solution that met and exceeded their business needs and their grant-making needs. Georgie also linked up with the SmartyGrants Delivery and Support teams throughout the process to ensure a seamless implementation.

Georgie bought a wealth of practiced and proven strategic leadership, honed from her many years leading teams in Commonwealth Government grants administration. Georgie was in charge of the implementation and transformational roll out of SmartyGrants across 25 grant programs for The Australian Department of Communications and the Arts. Georgie was twice recipient of the Australia Day Achievement Medallion, Department of Communications and the Arts.

Georgie was highly sort after and highly regarded, despite offers she remained staunchly loyal and grateful to Denis Moriarty AM @ Our Community.

Georgie Bailey