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I provide end to end Grants Management and  SmartyGrants Consulting Services, which means I provide professional advice and also bespoke SmartyGrants System  build. I help governments, organisations, and trusts to identify, explore, and solve their grant making problems. The end-goal is to help organisations understand and improve their position, in terms of increased efficiency, reduced cost, reduced risk, and smarter decisions.

My services focus on Grants Administration and Grants Management: strategy, governance, systems design and setup; and team guidance. I translate the gobbledygook of rules, regulations and guidelines into practical, realistic solutions that make better practice grant making obvious and easy to achieve.

This site’s consulting page explains this in greater detail.

Why did you choose smartygrants?

I discovered SmartyGrants while managing the grant making practices of an Australian  government department. I needed maximum bang for my buck. Quotes for using the available government solutions were coming in at millions of dollars, more than 50% of my program budget. SmartyGrants offered far more capability at less than 1%. A no brainer!

I also needed a solution that would work for 25 very different funding areas. The flexibility of SmartyGrants meant I could make it do whatever I needed it to in a simple and effective way. I can show you how to do it too.

How do you work?

We start with an initial free consultation. This is a brief meeting in which we learn about each other and I get a deeper picture of your situation. I want to understand what your time vampires are – the things sucking your energy every day. What you love about how things are now and what you don’t. What your worries might be.

Being intimately aware of the barriers to change, my inclusive co-design approach makes sure your people are onboard for the journey from the very beginning. If there’s mutual interest in working together this starts with scoping and quoting a project.

After that, we execute the standard paperwork and get started.

Do you work with particular types of organisations?

I’m interested in helping organisations of all domains and sizes; from Government, Corporate and Philanthropic sectors. Typically before working with me, my clients were those wrangling multiple spreadsheets and multiple sources of the truth that were frighteningly different. Those drowning in labour intensive, paper-based processes and needing to find a way to do more with less. Those with siloed grant teams all doing things differently who wanted to look like one cohesive organisation. Those who found themselves on the wrong end of an audit report. Or those suddenly having to implement a grants program who have never done it before.

If any of those stories sound familiar, you’re probably a good fit.

  • If you are just getting started in the grant making space you will need to build your internal grant making practice. Count me in.
  • If you have been managing grants for years, you’re probably sitting on opportunity to simplify, streamline and improve your practice . I’ll show you.


Im based at my office in Canberra, Australia. I work remotely, across different time zones and also travel nationally and internationally for initial discussions and discovery.  Although most of that has now shifted to online given Covid 19. 

I’d like to move forward. How do I start?

Glad to hear it. Contact me to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.


Georgie Bailey