Effective grants program design starts from the beginning

Effective grants program design helps grant givers gain early confidence by establishing strong foundations for their grant program, to build cohesive grant making architecture and then put it all in place, the key building blocks to deliver the work, well. 


The most important thing to do here is to place a high value on planning, and to be systematic, integrated and pragmatic in that planning.  And this planning stage is an easy place to get it wrong while you’re hatching a plan getting it right. Nothing needs to be undone here, just sifted and sorted into what are the best steps.


Addressing the foundational issues prior to the commencement of a grant program will provide a sense of purpose, coherence and boundaries. This foundation can then be built upon through the design and construction phase of a program to develop the foundation thinking to provide the architecture for the program.


Work on the architecture of a grant program will provide a shape to the delivery of the work, enabling detailed planning of the elements that will enable its implementation. These building blocks will be informed by the earlier planning, which can be regarded as a worthwhile investment in the program. 

Georgie Bailey